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Master Education for Health     SegellAcreditacioAQU_MESalut_en

UdL's contingency plan for the academic year 2020-2021


Health education is a discipline that is characterized by the diversity of science, means and methods which contribute to a greater or lesser extend its development. This is due to the complexity of personal factors (such as behaviour, knowledge or attitudes) and social factors (such as lifestyle, culture and education). They all agree that people and determine their quality of life, health and happiness.

The M.S. in Health Education prepares learners to become Health Education Specialist and so as to respond as an expert to the demands about this subject from various levels and in different fields of intervention. The professional should:

  1. Acquire and update knowledge and specific skills in domains of health education.
  2. Plan with efficiency health education programmes and activities in the practise of promoting individual, family, group, community and organization.
  3. Be able to be critical and thoughtful in a health education intervention.
  4. Develop positives professional attitudes.